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“Modern Electric Redefined” is a commercial for Rictor E-Bikes based around the theme that there is beauty in the redefining and infusing of retro with modern technology. In fusing the two together a story is born of two city dwelling individuals who redefine their commute through the city and explore the urban jungle and in turn finding fulfillment with one another on their bikes.

Thank you for taking the time to look through the creative brief we’ve put together for your project!



​Our approach to this project is to create a 60 sec. video commercial to convey the authenticity and style of the brand to the audience. This would be done with a story about a young man and woman living in the city.

We believe we’d be the perfect fit as a production company for this project, as we’ve done many commercials for e-bike companies in the past as well as short films and narrative work that revolve around the same tone and feel as the brand values of Rictor.



Introduce the man using an old Super 8 film camera to capture the city around him atop a parking garage in the city. With this representation of retro, we introduce the bike for the first time infusing the two together as he heads off to explore his city.


As the man rides through the city we introduce the woman, a sleek stylish urban dweller who takes her bike from her urban workplace to a coffee shop to meet up with the man. The two of them enjoy coffee together as the man captures moments through his old camera displayed on screen.


The couple leaves the coffee shop and takes a detour through a beautiful city park, showing their interest in nature as well as their fast paced lifestyle in the city. Throughout, the man captures moments on his camera. Finally as the video comes to a close we see them end their journey at a viewpoint overlooking the city. It's true commuting can be a monotonous everyday task, but with Rictor E-bikes their commute is redefined as these bikes allow them to experience their city and friendship with each other like never before. 



We would aim to convey an adventurous, fast paced retro-futuristic vibe throughout the video, showcasing the sleek and enjoyable lifestyle of using the Rictor bikes to take your commute to a whole new level.


Here is the look of the 2 characters we would aim to use in our commercial to showcase a sleek, fashionable style.


Our visuals would infuse the mix of high end cinematic to represent the stylish futuristic feel of the brand, with old film clips as seen by the man's old film camera to capture the retro and fashion feel as well.

mentor sts.gif


These are the 5 scenes we would aim to utilize in our commercial, to show the variety of backdrops to showcase these bikes.


The approach towards wardrobe we’d take with our cast members would be as follows:

Men's reference: Ralph Lauren old money style, low-key fashion

Women's reference: old money style dressing, old money style, fashionable retro

Untitled (4).png
Untitled (5).png
Untitled (7).png


Our editing style would take the viewer on a journey with the individuals, using a fast paced cutting in the edit. 

We would covey a fun, but sleek and stylish approach to this utilizing a mix of different shots in handheld, gimbal, tripod and drone to tell a compelling story, with shots that follow the music, sound design, and voice over.


The music we would use in the commercial would be upbeat and driving. A contemporary score that conveys adventure, but also sophistication.

Sound Design:
We would aim to have a good emphasis on sound design throughout the video, hearing the sounds of the bike, the ambiance of the city, and anything that helps bring the world in the commercial to life.

Screenshot 2024-06-28 105736.png


The approach we intend to take for the color grade would be based on the feelings of stylish retro-futuristic. With deep blues and purples in the shadows and creamy golden tones in the highlights.

All of this would be subtly emulated from the classic teal and orange color scheme to create a world that feels exciting, but still authentic and relatable to the viewer.



We hope you enjoyed reading through the creative direction we could see working well to tell a compelling story and showcase Rictor Bike in the best light possible.


Best regards,

Ryan Luth, Outlands Media Group

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