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Crafting a video course that not only represents who you are but also makes you proud to share it with the world. Ensuring it's of the highest quality possible.

What We Do

Ever paid a hefty sum for an online course, only to struggle with poor teaching quality? Amateur video courses can be distracting with confusing points, bad audio, and subpar lighting. You've got incredibly valuable knowledge to share with the world, so you want the quality of your video course to match the quality of the content your teaching: excellent. 

At Outlands Media Group, we're a team of highly trained professionals that specialize in making your video course creation smooth, professional, and enjoyable. Let us handle the setup, lighting, and direction, ensuring your content matches the excellence of your teaching.

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Our Work

Share The Struggle

We've had the pleasure of producing Share The Struggle's courses on mental health. Working with experts like Dr. Caroline Leaf, Matthias Barker, Ben Zobrist, Rebekah Lyons, and the list goes on.


We've walked alongside their team and helped them take each course from start to finish. We've also produced all of their marketing and brand overview videos.

Anxiety Course Trailer
Listening To Your Emotions
Anxiety Is like a Smoke Alarm

Cru - Go To The Campus

Cru (previously Campus Crusades for Christ) was looking for a training series to help equip their volunteers with the knowledge needed to serve in their highschool ministry programs.


We came alongside their team, helped them develop their scripts, and shot and edited an engaging 8 part training series for their ministry.