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Kids On The Wall

Short Film

Client: Windansea Media Group
Agency: Outlands Media Group
Director: Bryan Jennings & Ryan Luth
Video Type: Short Film

Kids On The Wall is a coming of age movie about Austin Thompson, a teenager determined to find his true calling and potential as he navigates the life that Southern California throws at him. Thankfully his friends and mentors keep him humble and true to his roots. Come on this journey with Austin as he navigates uncharted waters towards his dream of being a professional surfer.

Kids On The Wall is a coming of surf short film produced over the course of 2019 and into 2020. Alongside Windansea Media Group we assisted in Directing and Producing this wonderful heart warming film!

How We Shot It

Come behind the scenes with us in our breakdown of how to shoot moving car scenes, and how we made it happen for many of the scenes in Kids On The Wall!

Behind the Scenes

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